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Sunday, 18 Aug 2019

Strategic alliances

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In order to address the segment of small and medium companies, we have established a strategic alliance with TOTVS Argentina through the signing of the Business Agency Contract (Gare), incorporating in this way to our portfolio of solutions Software ERP TOTVS.

During the month of August 2014, we have formalized this institutional arrangement and begin to train technically and functionally to a team of consultants to provide services in this regard.

The synergy generated as a team between TOTVS and D & D allows us to provide quality solutions far we have categorized in larger enterprises with the SAP solution.

D & D Consulting was part of TOTVS event held at Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo (Brazil), on 15 April last. Also, as part of the agreement between the two companies, we have visited Brazil TOTVS facilities where we could account for the advances in technology, infrastructure and business solutions TOTVS is progressing.

D & D Consulting assists small and medium companies in their growth and development in Information Technology


Here are some pictures of that event.